Monday, March 4, 2013

Just Before...

Author's Note: This is a creative piece with imagery. I tried to make this piece very descriptive because I want you to be able to picture yourself in this place

As the tiger roamed the city alone, as king of the town, people scurried far away from the town as they could.  “A wild tiger has escaped from the zoo,” the news reporter said.  Just as the tiger lurked up behind him, he jumped up and killed him, leaving one less person in this town now. Some people were still living in their homes while others evacuated as quicker than you could say There’s a wild tiger loose in this town. People couldn’t  leave this town, because as the king escaped, he let out more tigers. He used those tigers for killing other people and making sure that nobody else could leave. As the tigers watched and watched they didn’t find any movement whatsoever. The king of the town decided to look around and see what was up. He realized that nobody was in their homes, nobody was out in the streets, sooner or later the Animal Control came and stood directly across from the man eating tiger.

Once they were ready to duel, the other tigers came right out behind the king. The Animal Cop knew that he was out numbered but that never stopped him.  The Animal Cop called his other buds as they came out behind him. They slowly approached each other right before the tiger sprinted toward him, the others followed the king and took down the Animal Cops, along with his assistants. Anyone who enters will never get out; these tigers were kings of the town.

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