Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is Love Worth Taking a Risk?

Author's Note: Take caution when you read this because there is a spoiler alert, maybe two. This would be completely different if it was in a different point of view. This is my take on it and I hope you enjoy it. 

Ever wonder what makes you fall in love? Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, tells his story in a first person point of view which is John. This book is all about love and romance, but what if it was told from a different point of view? The main character John decided to drop out of school and go back to the army, until he meets the girl of his dreams: she changes everything about him.

 “I say that I didn’t mean to fall in love with someone else.” Savannah wrote in a letter to John. Just imagine how it would feel receiving that letter, or even worse writing it. If the point of view changed and went to the third person which is Savannah's, how would it feel to have to be totally honest and say that you love someone else? Once it sent, she, couldn’t do anything to take it back. She knew that it would have been incredibly difficult for John to understand. Once John had received that letter he was extremely  mad and frustrated he didn’t understand what had gone wrong.

In the relationship with Savannah and John, it would have been different to hear Savannah’s point of view. Having to write the letter telling John she loved someone else would have been different to hear it from Savannah’s point of view. If would have been hard for Savannah to tell John something like this. How would John interpret that? Did he think that he could change Savannah’s feelings for someone else? When John, came home from being in the war he went over to Savannahs house just to see how things were going, but he really came over to tell Savannah he still loved her. When John arrived he asked if they could talk. Savannah was willing to engage in a conversation with John. When he said his dad past away from a heart attack, Savannah’s eyes started to fill up with tears and was about to let her emotions go. She knew that it was hard for John to go through something like this and then adding the engagement between Savannah and Tim, was challenging for John.

I know how it feels to lose someone who means the world to them. My great grandpa died from a heart attack. It was crucial to go through something like this, but I had super supportive parents that helped me get through something this tough. I know what it feels like to be in both Savannah’s and John’s shoes. Do you think Savannah had ever regret breaking up with John or telling him she loved someone else? Just to hear, I’m sure it was bitter for Savannah; if this would have been Savannah’s point of view, do you think she would have stayed with John or remained with Tim knowing how harsh it was for John?

Sometimes love is cold-blooded. It will always be a risk falling in love with someone.  Even though John didn’t get the girl in the end, he will always love her and Savannah knows that. Just because your love story isn’t like the movies, you can start your own story and still be happy. Nicholas Sparks has done a magnificent job describing love from a guys point of view. As John walked away and looked back with a tear in his eye he waved his last goodbye. Is love worth taking a risk or is the hurt worth loving someone again? Could John ever love someone like he loved Savannah and be happy? 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Love Changes Anybody

Author's Note: We had to write a theme essay. I had to think a little bit before I got my topics and that is love can change anybody and it takes place in the book the Hunger Games.

In many stories love can change a character's behavior. In the Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins has a very special way of showing that love. The love connection that Gale and Katniss was more like a brother sister love, but it changes Katniss while she was in District 12. Katniss did everything with Gale until the reaping that’s when everything between Katniss and Gale changed.

When Katniss volunteered for Prim, Katniss did know what was going to happen with her relationship with Gale; when she moved to the Hunger Games. It changed Katniss going to the Hunger Games especially with Gale not being right by her side. Having to make new friends was hard for her; when she isn’t the person to be social with others. As she grew closer with Peeta. (which was the guy that got picked for the other tribute in district 12) They started to have a connection with each other.

Once Katniss knew that she had a solid relationship with Peeta, she taught her Hunger Games experience would change with having that relation with Peeta. Throughout the Hunger Games Katniss’s love for Peeta changed Peeta and Katniss but also Gale. After the Hunger Games had finished Peeta thought that this love would last but Katniss told Peeta that everything will go back to normal once we get back. So what is Katniss trying to say? Is she in love with both Peeta and Gale?

How many books can you find that have a story plot like this? If you love to read romance books you will be able to find this with any book. I found a connection with the romance like Katniss and Peeta. The book is called Forgotten, Cat Patrick. It talks about love in a similar way that Suzanne Collins does. In the book Forgotten a girl like Katniss goes through decisions  that will change her life forever. Cat Patrick really does a good job taking Suzanne Collins idea of romance and put it into her own way. In both books it’s so neat to see that both of the main character learn to trust people unlike the beginning of both books; both characters didn’t trust people.Until they meet the ones that will love them for who they are.

Books like the Hunger Games and Forgotten has an incredible romance plot line to it. It’s amazing to see how a character can change just because love came into their lives. Throughout the Hunger Games, Katniss has two of these love experiences but one really changes her. That’s her love with Peeta during the Hunger Games. Love can change anybody as long as you are open to them.