Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Snowfall

Author's Note - This is a creative piece that Mr. Graf's class did as bell work. I decided to write this piece on positive reasons of having snow. Since I love snow this was a really easy piece to write 

         Just until the snow fell, schools were even closing before there was a single snowflake on the ground. 6:30pm couldn't have came any slower. By that time we had buckets of snow already on the ground. That first step into the snow, almost feels like you are standing on a cloud. Kids running outside, building snow forts and running with joy. As the night draws near, more snow keeps on falling and for the kids it was time to heat up and have steaming hot chocolate before you go to bed. Before the hot chocolate could even hit my tongue; I felt the heat linger on to my tongue. It was finally time for bed, tomorrow is definitely going to be a snow day. The next morning rolled around with the snow just enough to call it a school day. 

5:45am my mom wakes me up to tell me that school has been canceled. I ran like a racehorse downstairs to get my snow gear, and bring it upstairs. I could have been happier that today was a snow day. I decided to gather the kids from around the neighborhood to play a game of hide and go seek. This day should never end.   

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