Monday, October 10, 2011

Hurricane Katrina

Authors Note - Billions of dollars toward the cost of fixing houses, roads and cleaning up after the mess of Hurricane Katrina. August 29, 2001 the most tragic hurricane that hit New Orleans
Hurricane Katrina  

About 75 billion dollars toward the cost of fixing houses, roads, and cleaning up the mess Hurricane Katrina caused. I honestly think that hurricane Katrina was the most tragic hurricane, I also think that it was more effective in New Orleans than in Mimi. Mimi just got a little taste of the hurricane unlike New Orleans that got the real deal; just think about 75 billion dollars toward the cost of cleaning up after the hurricane that hit New Orleans.
Do you ever wonder what it feels like to be in a situation where this hurricane just comes and hits without any expectations? Honestly I couldn’t imagine myself in a hurricane so tragic like Katrina. The reason I think hurricane Katrina is the most tragic hurricane because when you think about it 75 billion dollars, broken roads, damaged houses and the mess it made I couldn’t believe what it looked liked. Well anyways if you were to take a picture before the hurricane hit and after it hit there would be the biggest difference you have ever seen there would be flooding and a bunch of damage, and also when you also think of how many people lost their lives.
Why in the world do I think it’s more effective in New Orleans than in Mimi? Well I think that because if you go back to the pictures of the damage, you can right away that in New Orleans there was a hurricane a really tragic one. I’m sure when you put the 2 pictures of New Orleans and between Mimi you could probably tell that there was a little zing when the hurricane hit Mimi and then when you see new Orleans it’s like you get the whole douse of the mess it made.
Honestly guys if you are laughing to those people in New Orleans just think what would you do if a hurricane came smashing through your window right now. I don’t think you would be laughing the next time you see something like that happens again. If that does happen somewhere beside Pewaukee please go in and help you could be that one person to be there. So just go in and help.