Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's Really On the Inside

Authors  Note:  Friends... there are so many things that can start a fight, even the smallest things in the world. It is okay to get in a fight with a friend once and while so whatever you do don't put the weight on your shoulders. It may turn around and help your friendship or it may lead your friendship to an end. 

 "Friends show their love in times of trouble." Euripides has an amazing point. It may seem to be the hardest thing in the world to understand but it is 100% true. Take it from somebody that knows what it feels like to be in a fight with a friend. In a best friend relationship it is perfectly normal to get in a fight with a friend, but in a fight it’s typical to team up on each other, that’s how my first fight began.

Most of the time, friends will tell the story to their other  friends eventually they will team up on you until you finally…break and you have to apologize for something that you didn’t even do. Every day I come home crying. This fight was not getting any better. Eventually we had finally ended our friendship because all we did was we got in fights with each other and we just couldn’t stand the fact that every time we turned around we were back at a fight, but the exotic  part was I still can remember the whole conversation word for word.

It was in the middle of 6th grade and we were outside waiting for school to end and I was playing on the playground. My friend at that moment walks over and we were in a fight and she goes “If we are never going to get along, why be friends?” She says to me. Then at that very minute I knew that this conversation was going to go south rapidly . As she said that, a lot of things were floating through my life like what am I going to say to her question. Then when I had finished thinking I had to break it to her “I’m sorry but if we are going to keep on fighting I just can’t be your friend anymore.” I said to her while I was still on the playground

That year I had I found out how to pick out my friends with picky mind. When you are in a fight with a friends not only love will come through but friends may show their true colors. When I say your true colors may show, I mean they aren’t the same people as they were before you were fighting. Or just in general. Things may happen with friends that may put you relationship to the test.

Fighting can be the most annoying thing in the world because its everywhere. Tons and tons of people are fighting, whether or not it has to do with money or what clothes to buy at a store. It’s everywhere. There are many things to do  to resolve problems. Finding the right friends. But finding a friend may seem easy, couple months hang out with your friend may be the biggest nightmare you may have but not in all circumstances. I could very well be the best dream you have, but it all depends on your decision.