Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Breath

Author's Note: That first breath of your newborn child, remember that day? The joy when you hear that your child has taken that first breath. Well this story has a little twist in it: instead of that healthy child you have a child that's not breathing, until one miracle came and saved every body's lives.

Remember that first breath of your child, either it went perfectly or there was tragedy when the doctor walks in the room with the news you really don’t want to hear. Well this book is that book. Peace Like A River, Leif Enger will keep you waiting at the edge of your seat with his  dramatic, breathtaking, emotional stories.

Imagine being in the delivery room and having your kid with some of these problems asthma, croup, pneumonia and just regular lung problems. But Reuben was a special baby. Normally there is that slight possibility that those miracle won’t happen. Like I said Reuben had that family that really cared about him. That’s when his family started to pray and wish for that one big miracle.

As you read and try to figure out that Reuben doesn’t believe in miracles, but I think that nobody should say that. I mean look at all the women in the delivery room that pray that their baby is healthy and that the newborn is breathing. Look how it turns out they wish for those miracles and they come out of that delivery room with a healthy newborn. See miracles really do happen.

Struggling, failure, misfortune there are so many words to describe this family and how hard they had it. Leif Enger in his book Peace Like a River really makes that point that miracles really do happen, no matter how big that problem is even like saving a child's life.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Haunting the Night

 Author's Note: Have you ever felt like you've dug a huge hole and you just can't get out. Well in this little town of Mukwonago has really felt all the suspense and stress. Before the town was full of stress they have seen more than they have usually seen.

Living in a little town that was known for mythical creatures coming alive and haunting the night is described in the fictitious attention grabber written by Riyan Daniel Littlefield. Place of the Bear is a book that will cause you to be at the edge of seat waiting to see what comes next.

Suspense: to worry about something. You could just feel the suspense in this little town, the worrying and the stress. Imagine this event as a 17 year old, completely innocent from harm. Phantom Lake, nobody knew that it was haunted until one girl stopped by and for a few seconds she was there but then she was....gone. Nobody knows what happened to her.  As if you could fell the worrying and the anxiety, “I am next? What happens if I am?” That’s the way the people think today. They get so concerned about the little thing in life, and don’t think about all the big thing and how those only last so long.

As the town dug a huge hole and stuck themselves into suspense, it lead into stress. As the stress grew, and grew more people tried to relax themselves but it just didn’t work out. Just think about the people trying to relax, doesn’t that sound a lot like us we worry about too many things, just take a break. But as the town kept on worrying they just kept on feeling this anxiety there was so many things to do about it, but yet nobody did anything. During the day more people started to walk by Phantom lake which they thought would help the stress, but more people just keep on disappearing one by one. Sooner or later this place will just be knew as a little haunted town.

Anticipation and anxiety are feelings that people get when they are waiting. Riyan Daniel Littlefield, in his book Place of the Bear shows reader that feelings can change our lives. People shouldn’t let difficulty take control of their lives.