Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Unconditional Love

Author's Note: I had wrote this poem just for fun and I was super pumped to write this because I love my mom and dad very much..I hope you enjoy it and if you have anything you want to say there is a comment box below

Mom, Dad, thank you for being there,
supporting me, no matter what.
I walk more closely with Christ because you care.
Words cannot describe the help you've brought.
Ups or downs, you show me unconditional love
and full support every single day.
No matter my choices, you still hold me above
any imperfect things I might do or say.
Every child of yours has a place and a part,
no matter the good and the bad we go through.
I love how you love us with all of your heart;
how you love ME, no matter what I do.
Appreciation so strong I don't have the words,
and love that never changes,
soars for you in my heart like the flight of a bird!
You can't imagine how great its range is.
Hopefully this gift will make you smile;
I do what I can in return for this love.
And over every smooth or bumpy mile,
this love is forever, with help from above.