February 3, 2012
Haunting the Night
 Author's Note: Have you ever felt like you've dug a huge hole and you just can't get out. Well in this little town of Mukwonago has really felt all the suspense and stress. Before the town was full of stress they have seen more than they have usually seen.

Living in a little town that was known for mythical creatures coming alive and haunting the night is described in the fictitious attention grabber written by Riyan Daniel Littlefield. Place of the Bear is a book that will cause you to be at the edge of seat waiting to see what comes next.

Suspense: to worry about something. You could just feel the suspense in this little town, the worrying and the stress. Imagine this event as a 17 year old, completely innocent from harm. Phantom Lake, nobody knew that it was haunted until one girl stopped by and for a few seconds she was there but then she was....gone. Nobody knows what happened to her.  But the suspense you could just fell as you heard the news, nobody knew if they were next or if everyday their life would be in risk.

As the town dug a huge hole and stuck themselves into suspense, it lead into stress. As the stress grew, and grew more people tried to relax themselves but it just didn’t work out. During the day more people started to walk by Phantom lake which they thought would help the stress, but more people just keep on disappearing one by one. Sooner or later this place will just be knew as a little haunted town.

Anticipation and anxiety are feelings that people get when they are waiting. Riyan Daniel Littlefield, in his book Place of the Bear shows reader that feelings can change our lives. People shouldn’t let difficulty take control of their lives. 

January 12, 2011
Just Another Pretty Face

Author's Note: Just being another pretty face is really hard. But this story will really make you think twice on who you call just another pretty face. Being a blue blouse that gets thrown back on the rack doesn't mean it's the end of the world; maybe that person will come back for you. Who knows? 
Here I am in American Eagle where the coolest trends are, it’s just a few days before Christmas, wait...wait hold on this could be the girl of my dreams, OMG yes it is, it’s the girl of my dreams. It’s a Christmas miracle. I knew that this day would come. Before I knew it she was coming right toward me, while her mom was looking at a pair of jeans.....yucky. Anyways as she was walking up toward me she shouted to her mom and said “MOM, MOM come here and look at this, it’s really pretty, and it has my size.” As her mom came racing over here she said “why don’t you try it on?”

So Maria and I walked into a changing room. As quickly as you could say raspberry cheesecake it was on. See I was a blue blouse with some red and orange flowers and some more colors but as she put it on she looked at it and said “is this really me or do I have to find something that is more me, but the thing is I like it but it’s too expensive” She decided to call her mom for help because she really knows what’s going on. “Hey, mom I need your help, with something.” She came in just seconds after I called her. “Do you like this top or should I put it back on the rack, I don’t know I think I should it’s just not my style. “ Like I said she put me on the rack even before you could say raspberry cheesecake. I take it back it wasn’t a Christmas miracle. Wow, its 3 days before Christmas and will I ever be bought? This could be the worst Christmas ever. I would rather have a bigger lady buy me, than her.

 Well its Christmas Eve and I still haven’t been bought yet. Great!, Hey look who it is, its the mom who’s daughter put me back on the rack and she was heading right toward me. She pick me and took me to the checkout counter. She BOUGHT ME. She took me home and raped me up in raping paper and put me under the Christmas tree   

8:00 A.M

“Maria I think this one is for you.” My mom handed me the gift and started to rip open the gift. Before I when it I saw the American Eagle box and I couldn’t believe it. I tore off the top of the box and there it was the shirt of my dreams, I threw the shirt on, and you could tell that I was pretty excited. She loves me, I never thought that this day would come. But it was total worth being under the Christmas tree for one day. “Hey mom can I wear this shirt tomorrow in school. “Of course you can, I don’t see why you can’t, and from this day forward I will never forget this Christmas miracle

December 12, 2011

Suffering Over A Talent

Author's Note - Have you found your real talent or do you even have one. Han Nolan really wants you to think about this for a minute, do you ever feel like you have no talent. Leshaya has really made her true talent shine. 

“You will never be talented,” Mrs. James said. That’s when the author got me to think, have I found my real talent, or do I even have one?  When the author wrote this story he wanted readers to think a little more than they normally do. What really is your talent? Have you found yourself yet?  Han Nolan, the author of Born Blue, really emphasizes the question that people have to ask themselves have you found out who you really are?

Having a talent that nobody thought possible, being talented that you didn’t know. Leshaya has really tried to find her talent as a singer, but it is harder than you think. Only having one shot to conquer your talent. If I were to be in her shoes I would not be able to conquer my talent in one shot.

So many people these days are looking around to find their real talent. While others are making their talents come alive. Leshaya was able to make her true talent shine. Think about it, she went through her foster parents going to jail and saying that she wasn’t talented but she still stuck with it. 

Being in Leshaya's feet, you would know how bad it feels to to have foster parents that went to jail or parents that said that you weren't talented. Foster parents that went to jail, you have got to be kidding me add on top of that you have parents and other people saying that you weren't talented.

 We can all use Leshaya as an example to our lives when it comes to finding our talents. If you haven't found yourself yet, now is the time too, or if you have found your talent start by making it come alive. Starting with you. 

October 10, 2011
 Hurricane Katrina

Authors Note - Billions of dollars toward the cost of fixing houses, roads and cleaning up after the mess of Hurricane Katrina. August 29, 2001 the most tragic hurricane that hit New Orleans

About 75 billion dollars toward the cost of fixing houses, roads, and cleaning up the mess Hurricane Katrina caused. I honestly think that hurricane Katrina was the most tragic hurricane, I also think that it was more effective in New Orleans than in Mimi. Mimi just got a little taste of the hurricane unlike New Orleans that got the real deal; just think about 75 billion dollars toward the cost of cleaning up after the hurricane that hit New Orleans.
Do you ever wonder what it feels like to be in a situation where this hurricane just comes and hits without any expectations? Honestly I couldn’t imagine myself in a hurricane so tragic like Katrina. The reason I think hurricane Katrina is the most tragic hurricane because when you think about it 75 billion dollars, broken roads, damaged houses and the mess it made I couldn’t believe what it looked liked. Well anyways if you were to take a picture before the hurricane hit and after it hit there would be the biggest difference you have ever seen there would be flooding and a bunch of damage, and also when you also think of how many people lost their lives.
Why in the world do I think it’s more effective in New Orleans than in Mimi? Well I think that because if you go back to the pictures of the damage, you can right away that in New Orleans there was a hurricane a really tragic one. I’m sure when you put the 2 pictures of New Orleans and between Mimi you could probably tell that there was a little zing when the hurricane hit Mimi and then when you see new Orleans it’s like you get the whole douse of the mess it made.
Honestly guys if you are laughing to those people in New Orleans just think what would you do if a hurricane came smashing through your window right now. I don’t think you would be laughing the next time you see something like that happens again. If that does happen somewhere beside Pewaukee please go in and help you could be that one person to be there. So just go in and help.

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