Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Small Steps to Faith

Author's Note: This piece is my DWA. I wrote this relation to the book Heaven is for Real. When it seems like there is no faith, well there is. Throughout my piece you will see that God does care for his kids here on Earth.

You’re in the hospital, your boy laying on the bed. Doctors surrounding your little kid. You’re outside in the waiting room, trying to get a glance at him, but it’s just nearly impossible. At this point so many things are running through your head. That night you come out of the hospital and your son goes “Jesus really, really loves children.”Colton Burpo said while playing with his cars. That moment when he closed his eyes you could tell something was different about him. Having faith during a time like this may sound impractical, but we all should know that when faith is running thin you still should believe; know that God will take you through it.

Even though God doesn't sound or look like he’s there, well he will always be by your side no matter how hard the situation is. In the book Heaven is for Real, to get through a life like Colton Burpo you will need to have a lot of faith in God. In the 21st century, we haven’t quite understood the fact that you need faith to get through almost anything. With that being said, I was watching a YouTube video and it was talking about a rare cancer called osteosarcoma, that had taken a 17 year olds life. Being in a situation like this you would need to trust God, which is a hard thing to do because you don’t understand why this is happening to your child

Children are gifts of God, but when something bad happens to them; the frustration gets to the parents. Which causes stress and slowly losing that feeling of faith. Todd Burpo, Colton’s dad was extremely frustrated this happened to Colton. Todd wasn't sure how to express his feelings, he yelled and screamed at God “Why is this happening to my son?!” God has his ways of answering prayers, even though it may not be the prettiest, he is here for his kids. If God bring you to it, he will bring you out of it. Anonymous.

Having faith and still remaining to be calm is the greatest thing answered prayer God could give you, and even getting to see your child after any life threatening situation that is a bigger gift from God. God can show his love for kids in many different ways: like the way God answered Todd Burpo prayer.  God loves his children so much he sent his son to die on the cross. I don’t think anyone of your parents would be able to give you up just for you to die on the cross.

God does everything for a reason, even though it may not seem like it. With the Burpo family they didn't know why this was happening to Colton, but they realized that anything that God does happens for a reason. The older you get the more that you begin to understand that. Faith is a hard part of your life but you know what, we all have to go through it. God is there for everyone no matter how much you sin or bad is in your life. He also loves each and everyone of you no matter what; he loves his children here on earth. 

Even if it Breaks Your Heart

Author's Note: This is my Text Analysis piece. I did it on a county song because that genre of music has really gotten me through a lot. I hope this song impacts you as much as it did to me.

Way back on the radio dial,
The fire got lit inside a bright-eyed child.
Every note just wrapped around his soul,
From steel guitars to Memphis, all the way to rock and roll.

Ohhh, I can hear 'em playin'.
I can hear the ringin' of a beat up ol' guitar.
Ohhh, I can hear 'em singin',
"Keep on dreamin', even if it breaks your heart."

Downtown is where I used to wander.
Old enough to get there but too young to get inside.
So I would stand out on the sidewalk,
Listen to the music playin' every Friday night.

Ohhh, I can hear 'em playin'.
I can hear the ringin' of a beat up ol' guitar.m
Ohhh, I can hear 'em singin',
"Keep on dreamin', even if it breaks your heart."

Some dreams stay with you forever,
Drag you around but bring you back to where you were.
Some dreams keep on gettin' better,
Gotta keep believin' if you wanna know for sure.

Ohhh, I can hear 'em playin'.
I can hear the ringin' of a beat up ol' guitar.
Ohhh, I can hear 'em singin',
"Keep on dreamin', even if it breaks your heart."

Keep on dreamin', even if it breaks your heart.

Keep on dreamin'

Don't let it break your heart.

For the longest time this song has always kept me going even through the more difficult times. Whenever I feel down this is the song to turn too. The first time I saw Eli Young Band, they performed this song and immediately fell in love with this song and the band. When things get rough you can always rely on this song to make you feel better. It has personally helped me with friends, family and my dreams.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Fix it Before it Happens

Author's Note: This is a redo of my old prediction piece. I really wanted to make you think, why take something that doesn't belong to you. Nothing good will comes out of it.

As Cody took the fortune that was never his, he began to realize that this wasn't the right thing to do, but before he could return the hook it would be too late. Before he even thought about the consequences he takes the hook and leaves. As Cody started to comprehend this situation he began to think that it is extremely wrong to take something that doesn't belong to you. He decided to sleep on this thought and do something about it tomorrow. The morning couldn't have came fast enough; Cody realized that he had to bring the hook back. He did it anyway. Just as he approached shed, that he took the hook from. He saw that everything was shuffled around; it wasn't in the same spot he left it in. By this time he knew something was up. Just as Cody set the hook down, the rightful owner took his life.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fall of 1995

Author's Note: This was a creative piece that I wrote to show people that I know how to write a narrative beginning. This story will keep you waiting at the end of your seat to see what happens next in this horror story

It was the fall of 1995. Dark. Branches scraping across the side of the house. Rain falling like glass shatters as it hits the ground. Every night the rain came down and the branches scraped across the side of the house but, this night was different. This time there was a howl once every three minutes. As the morning awoke, the skies filled with darkness. Not a single crack of sunlight came shinning through.

I woke up from my sleep, I realized that my jar of lotion has been knocked over. At that point in time I didn't think anything of it but, as I went to go set them up again, I felt a cold breeze touch the top of my neck. I had no idea how to react so as my muscles in my shoulder tensed up on me, my only hope was to stand there without moving an inch. Before I could do anything, I felt another breeze, but this time it was hot air and the sound of someone breathing was slowly creeping up behind me.

Mid-noon was just around the corner. My stomach was starting to growl at me. I slowly began to walk down the stairs. Just before I reached to step on the second stair, I heard an extremely loud screechy sound. My foot wasn't even on the step as it made this sound. As I finished walking down the stairs, my mind started to ponder what had just happened a couple seconds ago realized that this house had to be haunted.

I thought to myself, that must be crazy. Ever since I was a little kid I had been living in that house. Both my mom and dad passed away in this very house. Could this mean something? Maybe the fact that they died in this house, their souls could be still here. But why would they haunt me? I’m their daughter. This couldn't have been true. But sooner or later I will get to the bottom of this.

The town I lived in for my whole life might have been just a big mistake. It’s a very small town; not a lot of people live here. The ones who do all have a story to tell, but if I were to get it out of them I could possibly get to the bottom of this. I decided to go outside to get some fresh air, even though the skies were just filled with darkness; it’s better than being inside. I knew with knowing too much that if I were to confront a cop they would all think I am crazy. At this point in time with everybody having a secret, nobody is safe. It’s one for all.

Not a single human being lived within a mile from of  me. I was surrounded by trees and nature. As I walked outside I glanced out and saw a shadow. From a distance it didn't look like anything, but as I walked closer to my car it keep creeping closer and closer. At this point in time I had to stick my key into my car to unlock it and my key wouldn’t go into the lock. Finally the shadow came closer and from that distance it looked like a shadow but, really it was a ghost.  I got the key into the lock and unlocked the car. I hopped into the car and started the engine.

Before I could get my foot to the pedal the ghost got into the car and sat in the passenger seat. My breathing began to slow down to a stop. The ghost got out of the car my foot was already “pedal to the metal”. I had to get out of here. There was no way I was going to go back to that house ever again. As I’m speeding to get away my heart couldn't be pounding  faster.

The rain starts to fall again. I sounds like glass shattering as it hits the ground. Dark clouds began to fill the sky. I knew that this day wasn't going to last any longer. I start to lose focus of the road but, regain it again. This point I have no idea where I am going. All I know is that something is going to happen to me, and at this point I have no idea when it is going to happen. I lose control of the wheel again. I can’t regain control of the wheel and ran into a tree. The impact of hitting the tree killed me.  My time was coming to an end. By losing my focus it ended up killing me.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Snowfall

Author's Note - This is a creative piece that Mr. Graf's class did as bell work. I decided to write this piece on positive reasons of having snow. Since I love snow this was a really easy piece to write 

         Just until the snow fell, schools were even closing before there was a single snowflake on the ground. 6:30pm couldn't have came any slower. By that time we had buckets of snow already on the ground. That first step into the snow, almost feels like you are standing on a cloud. Kids running outside, building snow forts and running with joy. As the night draws near, more snow keeps on falling and for the kids it was time to heat up and have steaming hot chocolate before you go to bed. Before the hot chocolate could even hit my tongue; I felt the heat linger on to my tongue. It was finally time for bed, tomorrow is definitely going to be a snow day. The next morning rolled around with the snow just enough to call it a school day. 

5:45am my mom wakes me up to tell me that school has been canceled. I ran like a racehorse downstairs to get my snow gear, and bring it upstairs. I could have been happier that today was a snow day. I decided to gather the kids from around the neighborhood to play a game of hide and go seek. This day should never end.   

Monday, March 4, 2013

Just Before...

Author's Note: This is a creative piece with imagery. I tried to make this piece very descriptive because I want you to be able to picture yourself in this place

As the tiger roamed the city alone, as king of the town, people scurried far away from the town as they could.  “A wild tiger has escaped from the zoo,” the news reporter said.  Just as the tiger lurked up behind him, he jumped up and killed him, leaving one less person in this town now. Some people were still living in their homes while others evacuated as quicker than you could say There’s a wild tiger loose in this town. People couldn’t  leave this town, because as the king escaped, he let out more tigers. He used those tigers for killing other people and making sure that nobody else could leave. As the tigers watched and watched they didn’t find any movement whatsoever. The king of the town decided to look around and see what was up. He realized that nobody was in their homes, nobody was out in the streets, sooner or later the Animal Control came and stood directly across from the man eating tiger.

Once they were ready to duel, the other tigers came right out behind the king. The Animal Cop knew that he was out numbered but that never stopped him.  The Animal Cop called his other buds as they came out behind him. They slowly approached each other right before the tiger sprinted toward him, the others followed the king and took down the Animal Cops, along with his assistants. Anyone who enters will never get out; these tigers were kings of the town.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Will Find You

Author’s Note: This is a creative piece that we had to write and I decided to do my on love and tips and little things about it as you read it. I hope you enjoy this piece as I had writing this.

Your heart is a very strong muscle. But where do your feelings really come from?  People will always say after a breakup that their heart is broken and it can never be loved by anyone else the same the way.  Technically it’s not broken because your heart is a muscle that pumps blood throughout your body.  Having loved someone with all your heart and then saying you two can never be together ever again. That is really a heart break, but is it just a feeling that your brain has?

People will have relationships that will last 3 years and then they will eventually get married that’s how things are in the movies and sometimes like in reality. For my mom and dad it was that same exact way. They had dated for about 8 years until saying I do. Having loved someone for 8 years is a real relationship which shows huge commit and more importantly it’s something special. People who breakup after a couple of weeks isn’t right, but what it does teach you: to see what you want in a guy.

To find that prefect guy you are going to have to date people and see what you like and you don’t like. I can tell you that honestly I really don’t know what I want in a guy yet. If you were to date somebody and you really love then how would  if they love you back and how exactly would they express it. Love can hurt someone and love can make you feel like that guy will never let you go. That guy will be waiting for you just around the corner and there will be obstacles in the way so just keep your head up and keep moving.