Monday, June 4, 2012

So Love Really Does Never Fail

Author's Note: You know when people say "the best why is to let your anger out is by expressing it." Well I tried something new and I worked pretty well. The thing is I wasn't mad or upset. I felt love and by doing this, it was my only way of expressing it

You know that feeling where somebody says they can’t be together because of the “long-distance-relationship” I know that it is impossible to go through something as hard as that.Do guys always do you that just say that to make you feel better because they really don’t like you or is it really because of long distance relationships? Nobody will really know the answer...except for him.

Love could be the hardest thing is the world to get over. Especially if you think this could be your chance of finding that love that will never leave you. Guess again. Love could ever well be the hardest thing to understand but who will ever know that. Only you. Well it kind of depends, anybody can really feel it but who will ever know that you feel it.